2 Best Movies to Watch From WMG Film

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Before Games of Thrones delivered court intrigues, shocking murders, and adulterous affairs, Queen Margot delivered all these nearly two decades earlier, depicting the dramatized, real life events of the French Wars of Religion. While it doesn’t have dragons, it has style, with some of the most stunning scenes intercut with some of the most gruesome, pushing the envelope with a freedom only possible due to none of their descendants still holding the French throne. It’s also one of the most expensive French films ever made, but every franc was put to good use, with luxurious sound, sets, costumes, and camerawork excellently supporting the cast’s performances. Initially released to mixed reception in America with 20 minutes cut from the runtime, La Reine Margot has thankfully been restored and re-released in full for its 20th anniversary in 2014.

Genre: Drama, History, Romance

Actor: Asia Argento, Barbet Schroeder, Bernard Nissile, Bernard Verley, Bruno Todeschini, Charlie Nelson, Claudio Amendola, Daniel Auteuil, Daniel Breton, Dominique Blanc, Dörte Lyssewski, Emmanuel Salinger, Grégoire Colin, Isabelle Adjani, Jean Douchet, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Jean-Marc Stehlé, Jean-Philippe Écoffey, Johan Leysen, Julie-Anne Roth, Julien Rassam, Laure Marsac, Luís Gaspar, Marc Citti, Marina Golovine, Miguel Bosé, Nicolas Vaude, Orazio Massaro, Otto Tausig, Pascal Greggory, Philippe Duclos, Thomas Kretschmann, Tolsty, Ulrich Wildgruber, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Vincent Perez, Virna Lisi

Director: Patrice Chéreau

, 1991

World War II changed the fate of many countries, but most prominently that of the European continent and the United States of America. Though late to the battlefield, America was one of the victors that occupied Germany after the war, and it's this tension and setting that is at the center of Lars von Trier’s lone war drama Europa. Alternatively known as Zentropa in some territories, the film is inspired by Hollywood noir, from the black and white film to the femme fatale, but the film takes more experimental routes, starting off with lulling the viewers in a hypnotic trance, and later playing on with rear-projection and multiple layers for surreal effect. It takes noirish cynicism on a ride, exaggerating history but nonetheless reflects the way this memory is formed in the cinema of its respective countries. Europa is a fascinating breakdown of an idealist that hasn't gone through the same terrors, one that still lingers in today’s consciousness.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Actor: Baard Owe, Barbara Sukowa, Benny Poulsen, Claus Flygare, Eddie Constantine, Else Petersen, Erik Mørk, Erno Müller, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Hardy Rafn, Henning Jensen, Holger Perfort, János Herskó, Jean-Marc Barr, Lars von Trier, Max von Sydow, Udo Kier, Vera Gebuhr

Director: Lars von Trier

Rating: R