Tulsa King 2022 / An enjoyable mafia drama that highlights an action vet's comedic chops


After loyally covering up for his mafia bosses and serving 25 years of jail time, Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) is surprised to discover he’s been kicked out of his New York turf and transferred to Tulsa “middle of nowhere” Oklahoma. It takes a while, but Dwight eventually (and funnily) finds his footing in town, establishing a base at the local dispensary and following the money from there.

It’s a well-known face that Stallone can command an action scene like no other, but it’s refreshing to see him crack jokes for a change, even if they don’t always land. At once familiar and new, Tulsa King proves Stallone still has the chops to engage an audience while revealing new tricks he keeps up his sleeves.

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