The Patients of Dr. García 2023 / An espionage tale between two Spanish friends spanning four decades, two continents, and multiple fake identities


Less medical drama and more spy bromance, The Patients of Dr. Garcia is a new perspective on World War II Spain. Starting from the Spanish Civil War, the country is torn between the Republicans (“Reds”) and the fascist-aligned Nationalists. The titular doctor, a liberal Republican, hides the wounded spy Arroyo in his quarters, much to the disapproval of Garcia’s Falangist lover. Arroyo later pays back this favor by forging a fake identity for Garcia, but invites him to his mission to infiltrate Nazi escape routes. The overall plot, with its steady pace, political details and ever changing forged identities, can feel overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with Spanish history. However, the stunning cinematography, divine sets, and unexpected plot twists make the espionage series compelling to watch.

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