The Flight Attendant 2020, 2022 / A thrilling whodunit that takes surprising turns


Cassie Bowen (Kaley Cuoco) is a hot mess. She’s flirty, flighty, and constantly blackout drunk, so when she wakes up one day to find a dead man next to her, it’s not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that she’s responsible for it. But as Cassie uncovers new memories over time, it gets harder and harder to track the truth. Is she a murder suspect or a frame-up victim? 

That’s what Cassie sets out to solve, but with the FBI and multiple hitmen on her tail, not to mention bouts of alcoholism and PTSD getting in the way, it’s up to her to figure things out on her own before it’s too late. 

To be sure, The Flight Attendant is a well-crafted thriller, with rousing music and noir-like editing adding to the classic whodunnit experience. But it’s also refreshingly not that serious. The performances are big and loud and self-ridicule often drives the characters’ dialogue. What makes The Flight Attendant stand out from its darker counterparts is that it has a sense of humor about itself, which makes it all the more engaging to watch. It’s pulpy good fun, and it knows it.

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