Supa Team 4 2023 / A vibrant Zambian animation brimming with Black Girl Magic


Vibrantly and energetically led by a lively quartet, Supa Team 4, though not wholly original, is still a refreshing children’s animated show. There is a slightly new take on the dynamics: a leader with a sense of justice, an intelligent yet shy caregiver, a level-headed athlete, and a hot-headed food lover. It keeps the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle quartet formula interesting. 

With episodic villains (leading to the big bad in the shadows), the show reveals the double lives of our teenage protagonists while exploring the neo-futuristic rendition of Zambia’s capital and a surprising focus on socio-political and environmental issues. It’s a series that takes intelligent, talented Black girls and empowers them to be themselves, even as they save and protect.

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