Praise Petey 2023 / An cult-themed adult animation that could benefit from leaning into the darker side


In its two-episode premiere, Praise Petey uses a lot of straightforward dialogue, on-the-nose jokes, and visual gags that work in its favor as “it girl” Petey becomes more acquainted with her inherited cult. Everything still feels at arm’s length for Petey even though we, the audience, are aware of the nefarious activities behind the scenes. Although it’s slated as a comedy, Praise Petey doesn’t land any real LOL moments and would benefit from leaning into its mystery elements more, given that a “city girl” spontaneously running a cult is funny on its own. Visually, it is as simple as adult animation can get, and one can only hope that the substance (with a tonal shift) can last the entire first season.

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