My Lady Jane 2024 / A period drama that’s fun, raunchy, and enjoyable, even though it's less impressive than the many others that came before it


My Lady Jane reimagines the titular nine-day queen, played by Bader, as a staunch feminist who has a lust for life and, well, men. She’s wise, vocal, and unapologetically sexual, and her demeanor is complemented by an irreverent script, modern pop songs, and fourth-wall-breaking meta-humor. In other words, it’s just like every other modern period drama that came before it, from Dickinson, The Great, and to some extent, Bridgerton. But unlike these shows, My Lady Jane fails to create a distinct atmosphere. If it was released five years ago, maybe it would’ve made a dent in the genre, but as proven by the aforementioned titles (and many more like them), My Lady Jane is trying to do something that’s already been achieved in better ways. That said, the show is still enjoyable, especially if you’re a fan of strong independent women™, magical creatures, raunchy humor, and revisionist history. Just don’t expect anything particularly new or inventive from it.

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