Itxaso 2023 / An okay if uneven family drama set in the coast of Danibane


What do you do when you have to move to a parent you’ve never met? Or when the child you never raised went back to you? Itxaso and the Sea explores this in this Basque family drama, with coming-of-age and slightly suspenseful subplots. Itxaso, raised in Mexico, is a fish-out-of-water in this coastal town, and, with the upheavals in her life, has a choice to make between staying and reconnecting with her father, and her Basque heritage. Mikel, who stayed behind town, tries to keep his surfing school and his life the way it is. There’s a compelling plot here, as they try to grasp the lives they want to live, over connecting with each other, but the series’ multiple subplots muddle the personal family dynamic.

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