Informa 2023 / A Yakuza-centric show that’s as cool and chaotic as its informant


Informa is a thrilling and fun look into the world of yakuza informants. As the titular character Keijiro Kihara takes new writer Kanji Mishima around town to show him the ropes, the series plays with a buddy cop dynamic without the restrictions that police have. Fresh-faced Mishima remains wide-eyed, as Kihara brings him to yakuza hotspots, sometimes intentionally provoking situations with the yakuza through taunting words, but walking away without harm. The series sometimes makes weird shifts, with the first episode halving a serious torture sequence of one gang, and inserting a more lighthearted sequence with Mishima’s crew in between. However, the strange edits don’t distract from the overall mystery and vibe of the series. Informa feels as intriguing but as chaotic as its titular protagonist.

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