Betty 2020, 2021 / This all-girls skate series tackles weighty topics with lighthearted ease


Betty follows a group of young girls unapologetically taking up space in the boys club that is skateboarding. It’s an impressive showcase of skill and an important testament to the need for inclusion, but perhaps more than anything else, it’s an affecting story of sisterhood. It’s about female friendships and how strong the bonds can get at this particular age when you’re still figuring out your place in this world. Kirt, Janay, Honeybear, and later on, Indigo, and Camille, have an effortlessly tight bond that’s made all the more apparent by their natural chemistry with each other. While still retaining an endearing sense of cool, they show us that they can achieve anything, whether it’s breaking up with your boyfriend or breaking barriers, together. 

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