Short Term 12 2013 / Sweet, slow-moving, and possibly life-changing, this American drama shines the light on the chaos and crises of social work in America


Understated in budget but lavished with praise, this semi-autobiographical drama by Daniel Destin Cretton flings its audience into the chaotic lives and personal crises of at-risk youths and the passionate social workers that aid them. In his first feature film, the young director draws the viewers into the storm of events and the emotional ups-and-downs of social work in America, going from uplifting to depressing and back – and every emotion in-between.

Set in the real-life and eponymous group home Short Term 12, devoted but troubled foster-care worker Grace is played by Brie Larson, whose shining performance in her first leading role was lauded by critics. Fans will also recognize the supporting actors Lakeith Stanfield and Rami Malek, who broke out in this movie. Short Term 12 is now considered one of the most important movies of 2013 – some say of the decade – owing to its immaculate writing, intimate camerawork, and gripping performances.


    Honest portrayal of mental health issues that manages to be warm without overdoing anything. Top ten movie for me. 26 people liked this review.


    I like how the movie started the same the way it ended. At the end things are different but being so connected with the characters, I felt deep happiness inside me. 24 people liked this review.


    Absolutely beautiful movie, and an amazing performance by Brie Larson. 17 people liked this review.


    A really, really beautiful movie. Special mention to John Gallagher Jr and Keith Stanfield who felt so natural in their roles (like Brie Larson also did) 12 people liked this review.

    yep yep

    The best movie i have seen on a long time. I pray these two people exist in real life. They are angels. 10 people liked this review.


    one of my top 10 films ever. i spent some time growing up in a place just like this. no film has ever spoken to me more. 10 people liked this review.

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