Best Movies Written By Josefina Trotta

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, 2024

The premise is really exciting to jump into: Paralympic domination feels original, but the cartoonish crime underbelly is not at all the best wrinkle to add to the initial idea. The sports and family drama side of the action feels grounded, full of heart, and far from being fleshed out to a satisfying degree. In contrast, the dark world side of the action has a Hollywood emptiness to it, which is ironic because the premise is heavy enough on its own, only to be overcrowded by this sci-fi noise. It could do without a lot of the elements, but maybe all the bloat is intentional to move the story away from a political conversation and into a safer albeit uneventful one.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Actor: Bruno Gagliasso, Christian Malheiros, Danton Mello, Erika Januza, Gabz, Guta Ruiz, Jessica Córes, Klebber Toledo, Miguel Falabella, Nill Marcondes, Paulo Vilhena

Director: Afonso Poyart

Rating: R