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Is Xumo TV Worth It?

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How many channels are there on Xumo TV?

We have spotted 14 channels on Xumo TV.

Which channels are included in Xumo TV?

ABC News Live is available on Xumo TV.

AccuWeather Now is available on Xumo TV.

Bloomberg is available on Xumo TV.

CBC News is available on Xumo TV.

CBSN is available on Xumo TV.

Check with Xumo for the full channel lineup is available on Xumo TV.

Cheddar News is available on Xumo TV.

Fox Sports is available on Xumo TV.

History is available on Xumo TV.

NBC News Now is available on Xumo TV.

NBCLX is available on Xumo TV.

PGA Tour is available on Xumo TV.

Today is available on Xumo TV.

USA Today is available on Xumo TV.

For local channels, you should get in touch directely with Xumolive who, using your postcode, will tell you what they can offer in your area.


With people overwhelmed by the onslaught of mammoth streaming services, companies like Xumo are having a moment. A free, ad-supported hub for both live and on-demand content, Xumo is gaining ground in the streaming landscape.

Who is Xumolive for?

If you’re in the market for a free alternative to subscription service streamers and you don’t mind ads, Xumo is a great option. Its content library tends to favor older TV and movies though, so it’s not for those who are concerned with tuning into the latest releases.

Why get Xumolive?

In addition to being free, Xumo’s users benefit from the typical streamer perks: you can watch from multiple devices at the same time, new content is added monthly, and viewers have access to a curated channel tailored to recommendations based on their watch history. It’s also easily accessible on streaming devices, Smart TVs, or right from the internet.


Xumo was formed back in 2011, and was acquired by Comcast in February 2020. It now carries over 190 channels and averages 10 million monthly users.

What's the best deal to subscribe to Xumolive?

Pricing at Xumolive starts at $free per month.

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