15 Best 2024 TV Shows on Netflix So Far

Updated February 8, 2024 • Staff

One thing about Netflix is that it never runs out of originals to release. With partnerships from across the globe, you can be sure it has everything from Bollywood musicals and impossible K-dramas to Nordic mysteries and Aussie dark comedies (it's a thing!). But that also means it can be overwhelming to sort out the genuinely good from those the outstandingly bad. So in this article, we're gathering and ranking the best TV shows on Netflix to come out this 2024. 

We'll be regularly updating this list with new titles as 2024 rolls along, so make sure you bookmark it or keep it open along with your other hundred tabs, at least! While you're at it, why not check out our 2023 list

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A Killer Paradox

Life can be funny sometimes, with the way accidents can lead us to what would make the entirety of our lives. Usually, these accidents lead us to a new career, maybe the love of our life, and sometimes a new life path altogether, but for recently discharged Lee Tang in A Killer Paradox, it leads to finding that his talent is killing evildoers, accidentally or otherwise. It’s funny to see Lee accidentally getting away with murder and the way his imagination conceives of his serial killer victims, but the show also gets into intriguing thought experiments about the morality of his actions, as well as the way we try to reconcile the tragedy of a lost life, with the terrible consequences of the actions they did with their lives. It’s enjoyable, with the great cast and the unique cinematography, but the writing, structure, and thriller aspects fail to maximize what’s so interesting about A Killer Paradox.

Our staff rating: 6.8/10
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Actor: Choi Woo-shik, Lee Hee-jun, Son Suk-ku
Director: Lee Chang-hee
Rating: TV-MA
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Detective Forst

Detective Forst isn’t a mindbending, totally original crime thriller that would revolutionize the detective genre, but sometimes we just want something familiar. The thriller adaptation of Remigiusz Mróz’s book series mostly sticks to the classic tropes, with eerily strung up bodies being investigated by the gruff, hardened detective, portrayed well by Borys Szyc. It’s not immediately clear what brought Forst to the mountains– whatever it was, it’s enough to gain the mistrust of his new station, and it’s possibly the reason behind his splitting migraines– but that’s part of the fun, as an additional mystery alongside who is behind the murders. That being said, the show plans to depict a whole series, so the ending of its first season might exasperate viewers who just want a complete story. Still, with the striking scenery of the Tatra Mountains, Detective Forst is at least stunning enough to watch, even with all the moody murder mystery tropes onboard.

Our staff rating: 7/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Aleksandra Grabowska, Borys Szyc, Kamilla Baar, Szymon Wróblewski, Zuzanna Saporznikow
Director: Daniel Jaroszek
Rating: TV-MA
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Baby Bandito

With a ludicrous amount of cash, and one of the perpetrators escaping into a luxurious European life posted on Facebook, it’s no wonder Netflix decided to create Baby Bandito. The source material practically writes itself, and it’s easy to fictionalize some details for added drama. The show does this, turning the original robber into a well-meaning skateboarder Kevin Tapia that steals the plans of a mob in order to escape his rough neighborhood, but some of the characterization falters, specifically when it involves his girlfriend Génesis. There are moments it goes into generic territory, but the series is certainly well-shot, full of charm, and daring in the way it focuses more on the consequences rather than the heist itself.

Our staff rating: 7/10
Genre: Crime, Drama
Actor: Carmen Zabala, Francisca Armstrong, Marcelo Alonso, Nicolás Contreras, Pablo Macaya
Rating: TV-MA
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Let’s Talk About CHU

Ensemble romance stories are great for exploring different aspects of relationships, but this time, Taiwanese comedy drama Let’s Talk About CHU tackles sexual relationships. Centered on the Chu family, each of the members struggle in that aspect of their relationships– the parents are at the brink of divorce because of it, Ai prioritizes pleasure but not connection, Yu-sen is taken for granted because of it, and Wei struggles with the expectations of having children. It’s refreshing to see the show tackle these issues, which, until recently, has been mostly taboo to talk about, but it also happens to be direct, honest, and forthcoming about them in such a relatable way. While the show does struggle to balance the plotlines, Let’s Talk About CHU is a multi-generational conversation that’s important to have.

Our staff rating: 7/10
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Actor: Chien-Ho Wu, Hsia Yu-chiao, JC Lin, Kai Ko, Tzu Hsuan Chan
Director: Remii Huang
Rating: TV-MA
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Luz: The Light of the Heart

Children’s television isn’t likely going to be controversial, daring, or particularly groundbreaking, but certain shows acknowledge that they can impact the way their audience views the world. Luz: The Light of the Heart has a familiar Disney-esque plot of a child going on an adventure to learn more about her roots, but through that basic formula, the first Brazilian Netflix kid series takes the opportunity to respectfully portray the indigenous Kaingang community in their plot, who takes care of and is more knowledgeable about the natural land, and whose teachings may be acknowledged if Luz, potential land heiress, manages to find out the truth. There are some of the standard childish shenanigans, like privileged boarding school drama that occurs when Luz enters the school, but overall, Luz: The Light of the Heart isn’t a bad choice if you’re looking for something to watch with children.

Our staff rating: 7/10
Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids
Actor: Dandara Albuquerque, Daniel Rocha, Gabriela Moreyra, Marianna Santos, Maurício Destri
Director: Thiago Teitelroit
Rating: TV-PG
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Delicious in Dungeon

When watching fantasy anime, there’s a wonderfully whimsical world that viewers can fully explore. Spectacular magic, brave warriors, and strange creatures are all expected, but every exploring troop needs supplies. Money, weapons, and of course, food are needed to survive the wondrous yet perilous adventures they set out to embark on. Delicious in Dungeon recognizes these practicalities, and creates a whole episodic adventure that focuses more on the possible food ecosystems of a fantasy world rather than the seemingly serious quests they embark upon. It makes for a slightly silly approach poking fun at the fantasy genre, but it’s definitely something unique, especially when it brings about mouthwatering exotic dishes made from monsters.

Our staff rating: 7.3/10
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Actor: Asuna Tomari, Hiroshi Naka, Kentaro Kumagai, Miyu Tomita, Rie Takahashi, Saori Hayami, Sayaka Senbongi, Shinji Kawada, Toru Nara, Wataru Katoh, Yuya Hirose
Rating: TV-MA
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Doctor Slump

Even before the worldwide pandemic, the field of medicine isn’t anymore the straightforward profession it used to be. It’s still a respected position, that’s attached with a certain status, but the demands have risen for those with the title. Doctors don’t only have to be good at their jobs– there’s a certain push for doctors to be also good at publication, lectures, in-office politics, the business, and for some, social media influencing and politics– it’s no wonder that medical workers today are burned out. Doctor Slump explores these themes with the usual K-drama flair, but in doing so, becomes a refreshing and cathartic romance to watch.

Our staff rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Actor: Kong Seong-ha, Park Hyung-sik, Park Shin-hye, Park Won-ho, Yoon Park
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House of Ninjas

From the fantasy-powered folktales to superhero-like depictions, ninjas have captivated the world, but seem to be a relic of the past, with modern day warfare and weaponry turning them obsolete. House of Ninjas imagines a world where ninjas still exist, centering a clan stuck between wanting to abandon the old ways but also having skills that seem wasted in contemporary life. Because of this, the show at first seems boring– the family is severely demotivated, with some members acting out through petty theft, and with out-of-place jazzy musical tracks that undercut the action of the first few episodes. However, House of Ninjas gets better as the Tawara clan gets its act together, revealing the hidden heart each of them has for each other, one that’s been hidden because of the grief that struck the family. The show may be less action-packed than expected, but House of Ninjas comes across as an off-kilter family drama with just enough heart to work.

Our staff rating: 7.5/10
Genre: Action & Adventure
Actor: Aju Makita, Kengo Kora, Kento Kaku, Tae Kimura, Yosuke Eguchi
Rating: TV-MA
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Killer Soup

How far would you go to please the one you love? You might indulge your spouse with a white lie every now and then like the men in Swathi Shetty’s life each time she asks about her cooking, but Killer Soup takes it a whole step further when she asks Umesh to impersonate her similar-looking husband. And, as the lies pile up, and the cover-ups escalate, it’s delicious to see the lovers dig themselves into a deeper hole, even if they manage to throw off other people from the scent temporarily. While the story gets slightly convoluted later on due to many subplots, Killer Soup proves to at least be tastier than Swathi’s paya soup with its delightfully twisted lovers.

Our staff rating: 7.6/10
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Actor: Konkona Sen Sharma, Lal, Manoj Bajpayee, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde
Director: Abhishek Chaubey
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The Bequeathed

Succession, whether that be of family assets or of job titles, is always a tricky situation to navigate– often, those choosing a successor would have to check in with the possible choices next in line in order to make sure there are no resentment, otherwise, it could drive the hillside horror present in The Bequeathed. From passive-aggressive co-workers to mourning relatives, Yoon Seo-ha is having a terrible time dealing with the succession situation, both being resented by a superstitious half-brother for the land and resentful of a co-worker who got promoted before her. It’s so easy to suspect potential rivals, especially when murder strikes those around you, but The Bequeathed also recognizes something scarier– the fear of what you could do with that resentment.

Our staff rating: 7.6/10
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Hyun Bong-sik, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Byung-eun, Park Hee-soon, Park Sung-hoon, Ryu Kyung-soo
Director: Min Hong-nam
Rating: TV-MA
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