2 Movies Like The American Society of Magical Negroes (2024)

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Chasing the feel of watching The American Society of Magical Negroes ? Here are the movies we recommend you watch right after.

, 2024

To the untrained eye, a TV interview is just that: an interview, a simple (and at times rehearsed) back-to-back between a reporter and a subject. But Scoop is a thrilling reminder of how complex the process actually is, from the legwork to the questioning and even after airing. In the UK, that quest for truth is complicated by stringent palace rules and the fact that the BBC, which McAlister and her colleagues work for, is a publicly funded institution. How free is the free press when a Royal can call off a story, and how far are reporters willing to go to protect it? Scoop is bolstered by a smart script and a wealth of strong performance—Sewell is almost unrecognizable as Prince Andrew and Gillian Anderson is commanding as anchor Emily Maitlis. But the movie won’t be as strong as it is without Piper leading it; she’s relatable and entrancing as she works her way from underestimated underdog to compelling champion.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Alex Waldmann, Amanda Redman, Andrew MacBean, Aoife Hinds, Billie Piper, Charity Wakefield, Charlie Roe, Charlotte Avery, Christopher Fairbank, Colin Wells, Connor Swindells, Gillian Anderson, Gordon Warnecke, Harriet Benson, Jonathan Rhodes, Jordan Kouamé, Kate Fleetwood, Keeley Hawes, Lia Williams, Mark Noble, Mia Threapleton, Nicholas A. Newman, Nicholas Murchie, Paul Popplewell, Raffaello Degruttola, Richard Goulding, Romola Garai, Rufus Sewell, Tim Bentinck, Vangelis Christodoulou, Zach Colton

Director: Philip Martin

While morbidly titled, there’s an unexpected playfulness to Sometimes I Think About Dying that makes a fairly mundane office relationship into a charming romance. Writer-director Rachel Lambert and lead Daisy Ridley capture Fran’s introversion in inventive ways, with score and image to make her daydreams of death more surreal than morbid, with quiet wistfulness of someone that hasn’t quite figured out how to create casual connection. Some viewers might not jive with the way the film focuses more on visual ideas rather than plot, but Sometimes I Think About Dying sweetly depicts social awkwardness and the alluring curiosity a crush can sometimes create.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Actor: Ayanna Berkshire, Brittany O'Grady, Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Jeb Berrier, Marcia DeBonis, Megan Stalter, Parvesh Cheena

Director: Rachel Lambert

Rating: PG-13