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Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Taron Egerton) was a man with big glasses and even bigger dreams. As a physically disabled child-turned-oddly determined young adult, he tried his hands at all kinds of sports to earn himself a place in United Kingdom’s Team, only to be shunned and rejected more times than one can count. While his coming home a hero can easily be attributed to Great Britain’s lack of a ski jumper representative to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, the world has Eddie’s perseverance and never-say-die attitude to thank. A story about conquering greater heights and just taking flight, Eddie the Eagle shows the world how winning doesn’t always mean taking home the crown.


    A film that is MUCH better than you'd expect it to be! 0 people liked this review.

    juana doe

    A great pick-pick-me-up movie to watch on a lazy Sunday morning with your mom. It's nothing special form the filmmaking point of view, it's cheesy and cliched but it hits all the right spots. Love the use of colour too. -2 people liked this review.

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