Door Mouse (2023) 2023 / A neo-noir with a grunge comic style that almost hits its crime thriller mark


Overlayed with comic-style illustrations and cynical narration, Door Mouse is a neo-noir that struggles to supplement its visual flair with tangible characters. The titular Mouse is a horror comic by day and works at a burlesque bar at night, but she begins to worry when one of her coworkers is missing. From there, the film is a grunge cat-and-mouse chase into the underbelly of sex trafficking in the city. And although the direction is solid, the quip-heavy dialogue falls flat from characters that aren’t fully fleshed out enough to pull off the right amount of chemistry for a justice-revenge tale. Thankfully, as a debut film for Avan Jogia as a writer and director, he’s proven he has a narrative style worth looking out for. 

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