5 Best Services to Watch Alibi TV in the U.K.

If you can't get enough of maze-like mysteries and crime dramas, then the aptly-named Alibi is the channel for you. Here, you'll find original productions like The Diplomat, Annika, and Traces, homegrown classics like Sherlock, Happy Valley, and McMafia, and perhaps most notably, North American imports like CSI: Vegas, Evil, Rizzoli & Isles, and Murdoch Mysteries. 

Alibi is available on a number of streaming services, including Sky Stream, Now, and TalkTalk TV. Other services, like Virgin Media's Stream, offer the channel as an add-on, meaning you'll have to pay extra to include it in your lineup. 

Below is a list of the best services you can watch Alibi on right now.

TalkTalk TV is a streaming service that gives you access to live TV as well as on-demand players like Netflix and Now. While TalkTalk TV doesn't actually offer those on-demand players for free, it does give you the option to bundle your existing on-demand subscriptions with a broadband plan so that you end up paying just one bill for everything at the end of the month. Aside from this, you can easily navigate on-demand players like Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer on TalkTalk TV

Now, the catch is that you'll need an aerial reception to access TalkTalk TV's 70+ live TV channels. But even without one, TalkTalk TV remains functional and, if you sign up for it, Now Sports broadcasts 11 Sky Sports channels live. 

Because you can pick and choose which services to include each month, costs vary for a TalkTalk TV subscription. But prices start at £5/month (excluding broadband) and pick up depending on what you add on.

Sky Stream is an all-around streaming service that gives you access to over 120 live channels over Freeview TV and Sky TV, as well as on-demand apps like Netflix and Disney+. It comes in the form of a small puck you plug into your TV via HDMI, so there's no need to set up a satellite dish or an aerial. And while you will need a stable internet connection and physical TV to use Sky Stream, these devices don't necessarily have to be from Sky. 

The channels include a lot of the basic news, entertainment, and sports channels you've come to expect from traditional TV; there's GB News and BBC News, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 among plenty of others. However, it should be noted that some of these, like Sky Cinema, Sky Kids, and BT Sports, cost extra. 

There are two ways to purchase Sky Stream: for £29/month, you can go for a 31-day rolling plan that can be canceled at anytime, while for £26/month, you can go for an 18-month contract to save up on costs. The former has a £39.95 set-up fee while the latter has a £20 set-up fee. 

Aside from all these, Sky Stream has new nifty features such as "restart," which allows you to watch a live TV show you may have missed from the very beginning, and "playlist," which operates as a sort of DVR that allows you to save and watch programmes for later.

Not to be confused with Sky TV, Sky Go is more of a complementary streaming service than a standalone streamer. Free for Sky TV customers (although unavailable to everyone else), it gives users access to over 200 channels and titles from the Sky catalog, on the go. This lets you maximize your Sky subscription to the fullest since you can access a host of shows, news, sports, and movies outside the telly. 

Sky Go will come in handy if you want more ways to watch and you’re an existing Sky subscriber, especially since it’s available for up to three devices. But it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a fully-fledged streaming service with its own content and channels.

Now offers plenty of different membership tiers depending on your needs. There's one for sports, TV, and even kids, but one of its most popular tiers is Now TV Cinema, a platform dedicated to streaming the best of current cinema. Here you'll find gems from Hollywood and beyond, from blockbusters and heavyweight franchises to beloved indies and classics. It's truly an impressive resource, perhaps one of the best in the UK. 

Before anything else, you'll need to have a Now account (signing up is free), but once that's sorted, you can then subscribe to Now TV Cinema for £9.99/month. Apart from 1,000 movies to watch on demand, you'll also gain access to 11 live TV channels, including Sky Cinema Premiere and Hits, among many others.

Now TV (or simply Now) is Sky TV's standalone and contract-free streaming service. It features the best of the Sky Channel, but in specialized membership formats that you can choose according to your viewing needs. As of this writing, this includes a cinema pass for £9.99/month (perfect for cinephiles), an entertainment pass for £9.99/month (perfect for TV lovers), a Hayu pass for £4.99/month (perfect for reality show enthusiasts), and finally, a kids pass for £3.99/month (perfect for the little ones). You can subscribe to one of these passes or bundle them together and add extra channels like Sky Sports. 

If you prefer to have the fat trimmed off of your choices, you'll appreciate this specialized approach to streaming. But you have to be careful about the expenses, which can stack up via add-ons. You’ll also have to have what’s called a Boost upgrade if you want to unlock 1080p streaming (the standard is 720p) and access simultaneous streaming for up to three devices (the standard is two devices). 

It seems tricky, but once you get the hang of Now, it’s actually a top-notch service with quality programming. 

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