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As far as affordable live TV streaming services go, Sling TV is a favorite among cord-cutters, and for good reason. It has three plans all under $70/month (for now), plus a ton of extras you can customize and bundle in to maximize your viewing experience. What it lacks, however, is easy access to local channels. Sure it carries them, but availability is limited to a few major cities. If you don't live there, you'll need to take a few extra steps to integrate local channels into the Sling interface, and even then, the chances of getting your desired network aren't always assured. Still, watching local channels on Sling TV isn't impossible. In fact, with the skyrocketing costs of live TV, the process might even be worth it. You don't realize how much money you spend on broadcast fees until they compound, after all. So below, we break down everything you need to know about watching local channels on Sling TV.


  • Only Sling Blue and Sling Orange + Blue offer local network coverage.
  • Only select areas get local channels from these plans.
  • If your area isn't covered, you'll need an antenna and adequate transmission signal to receive local channels for free.
  • An AirTV (starts at $50, one-time payment) will only enhance local channel viewing, but it's not required.

Which local channels are available on Sling?

Sling carries local ABC, FOX, and NBC stations in select areas. Unfortunately, you won't find local CBS affiliates here.

Which Sling package includes local channels?

Only Sling Blue and Sling Orange + Blue include local channels. Sling Orange does not carry local channels.

Which markets include local channels on Sling?

If you live in any of the markets listed below, you can get these local channels directly through your Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue plan. No need for an OTA antenna, unless you want more local channels.
  • Atlanta: FOX
  • Austin: FOX
  • Boston: NBC
  • Hartford: NBC
  • Charlotte: FOX
  • Chicago: ABC, FOX, NBC
  • Dallas: FOX, NBC
  • Daytona: FOX
  • Detroit: FOX
  • Durham: ABC
  • Fort Lauderdale: NBC
  • Fort Worth: FOX, NBC
  • Fresno: ABC
  • Gainesville: FOX
  • Houston: FOX, ABC
  • Los Angeles: ABC, FOX, NBC
  • Miami: NBC
  • Minneapolis: FOX
  • New Haven: NBC
  • New York City: ABC, FOX, NBC
  • Orlando/Melbourne: FOX
  • Philadelphia: ABC, FOX, NBC
  • Phoenix: FOX
  • Raleigh: ABC
  • San Diego: NBC
  • San Francisco: ABC, FOX, NBC
  • St. Paul: FOX
  • St. Petersburg: FOX
  • Tampa: FOX
  • Oakland: FOX, NBC
  • San Jose: FOX, NBC
  • Washington D.C.: FOX, NBC
Note that for those living in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, Sling Blue and Sling Orange + Blue cost an extra $5/month, so that's $45/month and $60/month, respectively.

Do I need an OTA Antenna to watch local channels on Sling?

Unless you live in an area covered by Sling's plans (see above), then yes, you need an OTA antenna to watch local channels on Sling. Even if you are covered, however, Sling still recommends getting an antenna to enjoy all local stations near you. Do note, however, that an antenna will only work if it receives an adequate signal from a local transmission tower. If you live far away from one, then you might not receive local channels. To check whether your area has available local channels, you can enter your zip code in the following links. Another thing to note: an OTA antenna alone won't integrate your local channels into your Sling TV guide, so that's where an AirTV device comes in handy.

Do I need an AirTV to watch local channels on Sling?

You don't need AirTV to receive local channels on your TV, that's what an OTA antenna is for. However, you will need an AirTV device to access local channels on your Sling TV guide. Apart from seamless integration, AirTV also allows you to watch local channels on multiple devices and on-the-go, effectively boosting an antenna's capabilities. Since they're built for (and thus fully compatible with) Sling, AirTV devices no doubt enhance the Sling experience, but again, they're not required.

Which AirTV device is compatible with Sling?

As mentioned, all AirTV devices are compatible with Sling, but they have different features. AirTV Mini ($80) streamlines streaming apps and lets you maximize their 4k features, though it doesn't integrate local channels into your Sling guide—only the AirTV 2 or Anywhere will do that for you. Specfically, the AirTV 2 ($100) is a tuner that will work with an HD antenna to integrate whatever local channels you can get into your Sling guide, while the AirTV Anywhere ($200) does the same plus offers 1TB worth of DVR. Their standalone prices can be costly, so we recommend checking Sling's deals to see if you can get them at bundled discounts.
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