Best Movies to Watch by Wang Bozhao

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After a long life lived in a home one chose, it can be hard to uproot your entire life, especially in a country that seems diametrically opposed in manners and values. Before his American produced hits like Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, Ang Lee made his debut through Pushing Hands, a film entirely shot in America but produced from Taiwan, exploring from the Chinese perspective the generational conflict between Asian immigrants and the mainlander parents that they brought to have a good life. It’s humorous at certain moments, with the steady demeanor of Chu contrasted to everyone around him, but Pushing Hands stems from the understanding of someone who’s directly lived through it, unfolding into a thoughtful, sentimental drama that quickly established Lee’s directorial voice.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Actor: Chit-Man Chan, Deb Snyder, Fanny De Luz, Haan Lee, Sihung Lung, Wang Bozhao, Wang Hung-Chang, Wang Lai

Director: Ang Lee