Best Movies to Watch by Jackie Shroff

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You'd expect a film with a premise like this to make constant parallels between its two main storylines, or to at least have them intersect more often and more significantly. But impressively, Mast Mein Rehne Ka makes the jump from chance encounter to wandering slice-of-life drama with ease—becoming a portrait of Mumbai and the isolation that various people experience due to discrimination against their class, their age, or their gender. The film's tonal balance certainly isn't perfect, as the more lighthearted adventures of the widower begin to clash more severely with the literal life-or-death situations faced by the young would-be thief. But consistently solid filmmaking and heartfelt performances smooth over the rougher edges and the occasional bits of dramatic excess.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Actor: Abhishek Chauhan, Faisal Malik, Jackie Shroff, Monika Panwar, Neena Gupta, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Rakhi Sawant, Shashi Kiran, Uday Sabnis, Vijay Maurya

Director: Vijay Maurya