Best Movies to Watch by Diane von Fürstenberg

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Diane von Furstenberg has no doubt lived a rich, fascinating life, but the documentary struggles to strike a balanced tone and instead comes off as an advertisement of DVF’s (admittedly beautiful) dresses. It’s not that the designer doesn’t merit the glowing praise given to her by friends, family, and experts in the documentary, but that the other side of the coin is never explored in depth. The creases to her character (and there are plenty) aren’t given any airtime as von Furstenberg is portrayed as an admirable albeit flat role model. The only exception here is when daughter Tatiana recalls the time her mother has been absent virtually all throughout her childhood, but even then, the documentary just glosses over this thorny part of their past. The film is fun and aspirational, loaded with delightful collages of home videos and designer clothes, but it’s hardly inspiring or relatable. Even in her old age, von Furstenberg seems to admit that she carries no business sense, and only stumbles into financial success with luck and plenty of help. Thankfully, she doesn’t feign ignorance about her privilege, even if the directors bafflingly insist on a rags-to-riches narrative.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Diane von Fürstenberg

Director: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Trish Dalton

Rating: R