Best Movies to Watch by Clotilde Hesme

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While the market for animation is mostly dominated by American 3D and Japanese anime, once in a while, a film outside the two industries comes up with an entirely new style of its own, with the design inspired by their respective countries. European animation has garnered some interest with Loving Vincent, but Chicken with Linda! takes it further, taking a more vibrant than impressionistic approach to its art. Somewhat like a neon-colored Fauvist Madeline, the film proceeds with a series of hijinks that wouldn’t be out of place in a children’s storybook, but it charmingly captures the mother-daughter relationship healed through the power of homemade food. It’s sweet and chaotic, much like childhood and the art movement that inspired the film, and it’s undeniably human. Chicken with Linda! is an unexpected delight for both kids and adults.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Actor: Claudine Acs, Clotilde Hesme, Estéban, Laetitia Dosch, Mélinée Leclerc, Patrick Pineau

Director: Chiara Malta, Sébastien Laudenbach

Rating: NR